Build you own Smart Electricity Monitor

Build you own Smart Electricity Monitor using the Arduino Yun or the Particle Photon.

A nice feature of the project is that the monitoring is flexible and it’s completely wireless (except for the Current Transformer of course), allowing continuous monitoring from a PC or phone and permanent storage on the Cloud.

Measured accuracy was 6% (typical), which is excellent for such a simple circuit. Even better accuracy was observed after calibration.

Make a Smart Home IoT Thermostat

Here’s a Smart Home Thermostat  project based on a wifi enabled Arduino device called Particle Photon. The Photon is a great IoT device; a powerful Wifi enabled MCU that can be programmed in the Wiring language, as used by Arduino, combined with a Cloud Service to manage the programming and cloud connectivity.

What’s really interesting about this project is how it exposes the REST protocol which is central to a huge amount of IoT and Web infrastructure. Basically REST treats all resources as a URL e.g. https://myServer/mydevice/dev1/LEDs/TurnOn

I’ve recently added Alexa based Voice Control to this project (more on that soon).

Smart Home IoT Thermostat