Arduino Guitar Tuner

A while ago I wrote an article on Reliable Frequency Detection Using DSP Techniques.

I mentioned at the time that this is an ideal basis for designing your own Arduino based guitar tuner. In real life, musical intruments can have strong harmonic contents, and you want to detect the fundamental frequency. Time based techniques that measure the time between periods don’t do that very well. The advantage of using an autocorrelation based frequency detection method is robustenss against noise and the overall harmonic content  of the signal.

So, having got a few questions about how you’d make a guitar tuner. I’ve published a tutorial on that here:


STEM Education in the Community and Tech Cards

I’ve been involved in voluntary STEM education in the community through Coderdojo on and off for about 4 years, (more off than on recently though), and projects on Instructables (with over 750,000 views).

Over that time, I’ve seen how kids engage and disengage, how they learn, and how they get  frustrated. I’d like to share some of those thoughts here.

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